Head Golf Pro Adrian Hubert

HEAD GOLF PRO, British PGA member

I would like to introduce myself. I am a British PGA member with 28 years of successfully acknowledged coaching experience in England, Belgium, Spain and The Czech Republic.
Through my extensive career, I have gained a methodically structured and dedicated approach to planification of lessons for all levels of players and to all ages. I have had a reasonable playing career competing in European Tour Qualifying school and The British Open Qualifying, also including other International tournaments and local tours and regional tournaments.
I decided to concentrate my time on my coaching. Now at Celadna we have advanced golf swing technology in the form of "Trackman". Most if not all top tour players use this technology which really helps you understand your golf swing. I always video clients and send the videos to them with written instructions and drills to help them practice better.

Lesson Packages with Adrian Hubert Head Golf Instructor, can help develop a swing that is simple, repeatable, and efficient. It is possible to change your swing over time. It takes effort and patience from the client and the correct information and drills designed to the client’s
specific swing pattern.

  • Video analysis/comparison.
  • Personalized instruction video with appropriate drills
  • Written Lesson Summary
  • Use of Trackman

(Please note where lesson packages are purchased the student will be provided with all of the above for each individual lesson).
The set up is crucial to playing consistent golf

  • Club-face aiming correctly
  • Holding the club correctly
  • Ball position
  • Posture
  • We can check all these points for you.

When you’re starting Golf it's so important to get the right information

  • Rotate your right foot in the follow through
  • Rotate your hips
  • Turn your upper body to the target
  • Keep your arms straight to a halfway forward position

Price List:

Golf Lesson Public 1 person Public 2 people Club member GOLGC, PGCČe
Individual lesson (50 min) 1 000 CZK 1 400 CZK 900 CZK
7 lessons package with green card and golf rules 6 500 CZK   6 500 CZK
10 lessons package 9 000 CZK 12 000 CZK 8 100 CZK
Fitting* 1 000 CZK   900 CZK
9 holes on the course (without grenn fee) 2 000 CZK 3 500 CZK 1 800 CZK
18 holes on the course (withoutgreen fee) 3 000 CZK 4 800 CZK

2 700 CZK

Swing analysis with FlightScope** 300 CZK   300 CZK

* Fee will be removed from the total amount of the ordered clubs

** Plus price of the lesson

20% discount for the green fee if the client play with Head PRO.

Prices include balls, fee, equipment, VAT.



My career:
June 2009 – September 2016 Golf & Ski Resort Ostravice
October 2006 – May 2009 La Manga Golf Club, Murcia, Spain
April 2005 – March 2006 Bourne Hill Driving Range, Ipswich, Suffolk, England
May 2004 – March 2005 Krokkebass Golf Club, Belgium
January 1998 – May 2004 Woodbridge Golf Club, Bromeswell Heath, Woodbridge,Suffolk.
May 1992 - December 1997 Woodbridge Golf Club, Bromeswell Heath, Woodbridge, Suffolk.

The most important tournaments:
2008 Winner of the Murcia PGA Pro-Am Tournament
2008 Winner of the Murcia PGA Doubles Tournament
2002 Winner of the Volvo PGA Pro Captain Tournament
2001 2nd Place in the Volvo PGA Pro Captain Tournament
2000 Final Qualifying Stage of European Tour
2000 1st Qualifying Stage of the British Open
1999 1st Qualifying Stage of European Tour
1999 Final Stage of the British Open
1999 Finished 15th in East region Order of Merit
1998 Final Qualifying Stage of European Tour
1998 Final Qualifying Stage of the British Open
1998 Winner of Waldringfield Pro am Achieving Course Record
1998 Winner of the Suffolk Open Foursomes Championship
1997 2nd Place in the Suffolk Open Championship
1997 Final Qualifying Stage of European Tour
1997 Final Qualifying Stage of the British Open