Golf Academy for beginners

If you are reading these lines you have probably decided or getting close to deciding that you will start to play Golf.  So come and enter the world of golf here, with us! Just for the likes of you, the beginners, we have a new GOLF ACADEMY including a professional trainers, where you will learn the basic golf skills, become acquainted with its history, etiquette, as well as basic rules.

You and your trainer together will plan the 7 lessons of the Academy Course, taking into account your time limitations as well as your physical condition (usually 2-3 lessons a day).

 Graduates of the Academy, having accomplished all basic skills will receive:

  • certificate of Competence to Play on The New Course in the Prosper Golf Resort Celadna
  • one FREE "Certificate to Play on a Golf Course" (replacing the Green Card) - valid throughout the Czech Republic

 You can check the price list of golf academy HERE

In case of you interest in couple or group academy, don´t hasitate to contact us.

For more information about the Academy please contact reception, +420 603 166 697,