The New Course

The New Course consists of two parts, each of a very different character.  The first nine holes are designed as classic Scottish links with narrow fairways surrounded by thick vegetation, many bunkers and spacious greens well protected by both sand and water hazards. The total length of the course is reminiscent of other prestigious golf courses, such as the British Open.  Inaccuracy is swiftly punished by  dangerously winding course borders and  many water hazards.  If you overcome these dangers, you will be rewarded by putting on greens which offer unlimited options of pin placement.

The second nine holes will bring you closer to the mountains where the course is more difficult, but you will be rewarded by the panoramic views of Beskydy and Lysa Hora. The 18th hole with Club House is beautifully placed in the countryside. The re-design of hole no. 15 and the brand new par 4 hole no. 16 nicknamed as U-Ramp will be a challenge for all.   The pond on the 18th hole is the last challenge of the day.

After that golfers can move directly into the stylish restaurant Golf to play the "19th" hole. Prosper Golf Resort Čeladná is an ideal place for those thinking about entering the World of Golf.

Local rules

  1. Out of bounds (Rule 27.1) -  beyond any fence bordering the course or white stakes. White/black stakes indicate inner out for hole 2 and 3.
  2. Dropping zones -  on holes 4 and 16 are marked dropping zones. Player is entitled to use it, if his ball came to rest in the water hazard behind the green 4 or in the water hazard near the green 16 marked by yellow stakes.
  3. Bio-zones - marked by  black/yellow stakes on the holes  13, 14 a 15 - no entry.
  4. Immovable obstructions (Rule 24.2) -  all roads including buggy paths, distance markers and watering system.
  5. Lime stones -  on hole 18 are part of the course.
  6. Overhead wires -  on hole 16, another ball must be played, no penalty.
  7. Stones in bunkers -  movable obstructions (Rule 24.1)
  8. Young trees -  trees with support pole - immovable obstruction (Rule 24.2)
  9. Decorative plants  - if the ball lays on the decorative plants or the decorative plants are interfering in the players stance or the area of his intending swing, player must take relief under rule 25.1 - ground under repair.



Score card

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